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Solution offers newest e-commerce platform, creation goes far beyond a simple online store.
From the name of the store to the delivery of the product, we think and work on everything, how to highlight your store, making it grow progressively and how to get better quality in the offered service.

Our virtual stores have already been optimized for Google (SEO). With it you will have more chances to have a good position and visibility on Google, your customers will be able to buy from the phone, tablet or computer, the store will be open 24/7 in any device.
A large part of our shopkeepers is still starting their online activities. They are micro and small entrepreneurs, or local marketers who realized they can make more money by expanding their sales over the internet.

Solution promotes a work of mutual partnership, to make your business a great success.

Here are some tips for selling more on the Internet with Solution Digital Marketing:

1 – Disclosure
Share with friends, spread on social media, make yourself visible.
2 – Paper Flyers

Reveal to your existing customers.
3 – Loyalty Programs

 Keep your customers attached to you so they will always come back. 

4 – Treatment

Have a differentiated support in both pre- and post-sales.

5 – Safe Website

Have your website with the security lock on its link: https://.

6 – Advertise

Invest in ads on Google, Facebook and others to make your business seen and known.